Okakopa Hoolaulea Registration Extended to 17 October

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Auto club leaders and others have been asking about registration for members who are fearful of submitting any payment information on the Internet. Although we gave earlier notice that registrations could be submitted by regular mail, there appears to be a pothole for some people.

For this reason we have reset the Eventbrite system to extend the cutoff to 11:00 p.m. Friday, October 17.

Here is the Eventbrite link to register for the car show.

We are much better organized in this, our third hoolaulea, and feel that this short extension would not be a large burden.

The leaderboard count will still be kept under wraps and won’t be revealed until event day. Club leaders may request counts for theiris own club as well as a list of registrants — we won’t reveal anything else. Call me or send me email directly.

An updated field map is available at the hoolaulea at: http://okakopafest.org/event-information/field-layout/ . It is still subject to change.

The Ana Storm

As islanders we’re all aware of the problems that such storms bring. We are in communication with the golf course to discuss appropriate steps should the aftermath affect the field and other facilities. We’ll keep you advised.