The Hawaii Concours d’Elegance is a modified criteria judging event. The details of this form of concours judging are printed below. The volunteer judges are selected from members of Hawaii automobile clubs.


Deadline to register for the show is 6:00 p.m. October  1, 2018.

Register now to enter your vehicle in the Concours Competition [ click here to register ]


It is our pleasure to have you as a participant in the Hawaii Concours d’Elegance. We appreciate your time and effort to prepare for the event and for placing your car on display for all to enjoy.

  1. When you enter the field show your registration ticket and you will be directed to your staging location. After you have staged your car, go to the Information Desk and pick up your Participant Packet. It will include this instruction sheet, your name tag, and your windshield card showing your car number and model. Wear your name tag so that the judges can easily identify you and match you with your vehicle. It will have your name and the matching vehicle number, which is posted on your vehicle’s windshield.
  2. At a minimum you need to have the card with your entry number on your vehicle’s windshield. You are allowed to post a more detailed description alongside but not obstructing the view of the judges. Additionally, you may erect your own poster in the front or along side your vehicle … as long as it’s tastefully and professionally done.
  3. Judging starts at 11:00 a.m. Make yourself available in the vicinity of your vehicle so that the judges can easily find you. Your engine and luggage compartments, exterior and interior will all be inspected against a set of pre-determined criteria and scoring which are mainly based on cleanliness and general condition.
  4. When judging starts on your vehicle, answer any questions posed by the judges. Open compartments, lids, doors only at their request and direction.
  5. Remember, we’re all there to have fun and to show the public what automotive passion is all about … People and their Cars. If you have any questions during the show, contact any of the Oktoberfest helpers. You’ll find them on the field and at the Information Tent.

Thank you again for your participation!


Judging Criteria

The Hawaii Concours d’Elegance focuses on cleanliness, condition and safety. Judges will score your vehicles based on the following criteria.


Inspect for shine and smoothness. Deduct for scratches, chips, fading, cracks, surface rust, blistering, orange peel.

Inspect overall condition. Deduct for dings, dents, split or separating rubber/metal moldings, and dirty, smudged, chipped windshields and mirrors, for scratched, frosted or cracked lenses, bumper guards not clean, dull, and cracked, for rust, blistering chrome.

Inspect overall cleanliness and condition. Deduct for curb rashes, scratches, discolorations, unsightly after-market rims, dull, uncleaned, balding tires, if visible, rust on inside of wheel, and for dirty/rusty calipers, and for missing valve caps.


Engine Compartment

Inspect for cleanliness and wear in visible areas.  Deduct for frays, cracks, dullness, excessive oils or grease, rust on clamps and attachments.

inspect overall cleanliness and condition. Deduct for excessive oil, grease, dirt on visible surfaces, deteriorating sound dampner, rust on any visible surfaces, missing components (obvious), for missing screws and other fasteners (obvious), frayed edges and cracks. Deduct for missing, cracked, or partial decals.

Inspect under-side of lid for cleanliness and condition. Deduct for excessive oil, grease, and dirt, for chipped, dull paint, scrapes, dirty/unpainted areas such as on or around hinges, engine bay light, and a/c condenser. Deduct for worn shocks (tired and lid don’t stay up), and inoperable compartment light.



Inspect for cleanliness and wear. Deduct for curling, fading, bare spots, stains and tears.

Inspect for cleanliness and wear. Deduct worn, broken piping, wear areas or separating seams, tears, and cracks, excessive conditioner.

Inspect for cleanliness and condition.  Deduct for dirty ashtray, glove box unclean and no owner’s manual, missing or dirty gages, poor condition of bezels, a/c vents dirty, dash cracked or separating, excessive conditioner, missing screws or fasteners.

Inspect for cleanliness and condition. Deduct panels for tears, poor condition of door pockets, excessive wear, missing screws, and cracks, dirty, greasy hinges, for dirt, scratches on doorsill, poor condition of window cranks, or switches.


Luggage Compartment

Inspect for cleanliness and condition. Deduct for tears, holes, stains, dirt, missing grommets in trunk carpet.

Inspect underside of lid for cleanliness and condition. Deduct for excessive oil, grease and dirt, chipped paint, scrapes, dirty unpainted areas and condition of hinges, latches, compartment light operation and shocks (tired and lid won’t stay up).

Inspect for cleanliness and condition. Deduct for corrosion and acid on battery, for cracks, missing covers, for missing fuse box cover (no need to open), for excessive grease on terminals.

Inspect for tool kits and compressors that should be existing for cleanliness and condition. Deduct for missing tool kits and compressors. Do not open them. For those with spares, inspect for cleanliness and condition.

Inspect visible portions for cleanliness and condition. Deduct for rips and tears, rusty light fixture, rust on convertible hardware, sagging headliner.