72 Hours Left to Register for Okakopa Hoolaulea

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The Makana Leaderboard will not be updated with participant standings from this point and the winner of the Makana Cup will not be revealed until event day.

The Porsche Club has pressed on to take a commanding lead with 24 cars on the field. President Ambro has made it clear his team has set their sights on wresting the trophy from TeamBMW. Meanwhile, Team Foreign Objects has steadily and without drama increased their numbers to tie with Edition 808 who has been struggling with lots of drama in the pits.

TrackLogic Promotion Card

TrackLogic, the owner of the new EuroSunday, has provided Oktoberfest participants with discount codes for 15 percent off of purchases from their web store. All registered participants will receive an email message with a link to download the discount code. Let your members, especially those who have not registered yet, know about this.

TrackLogic Motorsports is a luxury automotive boutique that specializes in track-day consumables, experiences, and everything needed for an enthusiast to participate in track day events. Here is a link to their web site: http://www.tracklogicmotorsports.com

Important Items

  • There will be no event-day drive-ons for the car show. Registration for the show will close 11:00 p.m. on 15 October 2014. Please submit your registrations well in advance.
  • Updates are regularly posted at the Okakopa Hoolaulea web site. Visit it regularly to be on top of all the information. Please distribute the URL to your friends and encourage them to register as soon as possible. When it appears that the field will be too crowded we may close registration early due to safety concerns. So don’t wait. The URL is:http://okakopafest.org

    If you have a question or concern you may call Eugene at 808-550-8554 or Michael at 808-783-5556.

    2014 TEAM STANDING (as of 12 October 2014, 11:30 p.m.)

    Porsche Club Hawaii – 24
    Edition 808 – 17
    Team Foreign Objects – 17
    TeamBMW Hawaii – 11
    Mercedes-Benz Club Hawaii – 10
    British Car Club Hawaii – 9
    Antique Auto Club – 6
    Pacific Supercar Club – 3
    Aloha Mustang & Shelby Club – 2
    Tesla Owners Hawaii – 2
    Beyond Limits Hawaii – 1
    BMW Club Hawaii – 1